• To be able to coach, that too is an art. An art which comes from the coach’s within. And I have not met someone yet who can do it so artfully as Abeer does. Thanking her is nothing compared to what she does for one!.

    • Mohammed A
  • Abeer enhanced my life, dust was blown off and I started to view my life from a different perspective … unbelievable !!

    • Sh. Salman
  • Turning a person to another person.. Since the first time we met , she inspirers me to be a different persons.. U can see the passion in her eyes ..colorful Butterflies flying around her, surrounded by aura of peace and strength .. She is the source of inspiration she changed my life for the better . I become a very strong positive person.. Simply I love my self and am enjoying my life she gave me strength and confidence she is turning point in my life..

    • Layla E
  • Abeer is not this ordinary coach, she has a style of her own; she asks the right set of questions that lead me to talk my thoughts out. Just like walking me through the path of unveiling the right decisions. She helped me to focus and prioritize my activities at a time where I had so much in my plate and progress was vital. Her practical strategies shared made a long life changes that I still go by even after couple of years. Through her transformational sessions, I became able to showcase my strength and success through my appearance. My look now reflects the true me which I am proud of. A bonus I receive in every time we meet is a part of her vibrant energy; I leave her session energized and optimistic regardless how we started. Abeer is a good companion to keep in my self-development journey

    • Mariam A M