My Story

Why I believe, You all can make it.

Hello, I am Abeer Al Matooq

I am here to help you find the power within, and use it to grow furhter in your life.

I am a focused and ambitious Business, Executive and Life Coach, HR consultant, Author and entrepreneur, my mission is to help people and organizations perform at their best, through connecting to their core values and purpose, and keeping that connection alive.

Organizations are just like people , they have a spirit and personality and that is translated into what we call ( organizational culture ) , which I have developed a number of concise and effective solutions to assist in creating an maintaining a productive culture made of effective leaders and engaged employees , here are few more details about that .

As for people, who are the main engine in the development and growth of this planet , I believe that coaching is an extremely powerful tool, where people are assisted in realizing their own power, overcoming obstacles in the external environment, limiting beliefs and fears , through coaching people practice the art of growing beyond their own, self-created limitations, it is a beautiful and powerful tool, more of an art that help bring in the true ( personal power )

Working with clients across the region.For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about human behavior and psychology. I am particularly curious about the factors behind some people, soaring through life with flying colors and getting almost everything they want… while others struggle to get by, hardly making ends meet, operating on low energy and in less than happy spirits. I remember running a number of surveys in my first year at University about happiness and where it comes from – it wasn’t related to my subject of my study, I was just passionately curious to know how different people think and perceive life, happiness and success!

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Psychology, coupled with a Masters in Human Resources Management, which provided me with opportunities to work in domains that are highly interactive and rich in human relational challenges on many different levels. This fueled my passion to pursue this domain further. So, I kept reading; I kept learning; I kept exploring. And I still do; it’s a never ending journey.

I have survived a number of personal tragedies, through which I have strengthened my belief that life is all about choices. What do you choose to do with any situation you find yourself in? You can either lead the situation, or be a victim of it. That belief, combined with the faith that nothing is impossible if you want it enough, have constantly fueled my passion towards creating and living an extraordinary life, as well as helping others do the same.